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Added 7 of July 2014 :

Barbarian Lady Carin Roshen from Esentuki clothed in leggings and boots dominates loser Markus Guberidze from Tbilisi in forest

Added 26 of February 2014 :

Maitresse Madeline does all to tease her slave (even kisses his dick (!) and all this not to pleasure him, but to torture him because of his dick is in chastity. He fucked in the ass anyway....

Added 24 of February 2014 :

Lok at these 2 Dommes - they don't look really professional - just 2 more models involved in "femdom" shoot, but they like it and they like to touch shaved balls and to keep them in their hands. hehe, welcome to my house, ladies, I give you my balls to touch

Added 22 of February 2014 :

Ebony Mistress whips and canes her slave hard. After she done with his back she starts to whip his balls. She tortures him with clothespins and shows him her pussy... hahaha.. more torture come...

Added 21 of February 2014 :

Femdom clip from ClubDom. Enter Clubdom for more cruel femdom videos like this. nb

There are some men (femdom slaves) who like Mistresses beat their balls. But here we see a guy who really afraid of it.
Added 20 of February 2014 :
I promised and I add one more video clip of hairy pussy Dominant wife who dominates eric, her loser-husband. This time he has a honour to clean her ass hole. Enjoy :

femdom clip from Mistress Ella . Her clipsrore here : Real Femdom Family -
Added 19 of February 2014 :
Mistress Ella takes a bath. Her sub husband eric uses this time to worship her feet. Download the clip here :

femdom clip from Mistress Ella . Her clipsrore here : Real Femdom Family -
Added 17 of February 2014 :
Mistress Suki dominates crossdresser and sits on his face :

Added 16 of February 2014 :

Mistress in black lingerine dominates slave with her feet. If you lihe foot femdom - this gallery os for you.

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Mistress Nina (Brussels, Belgium) - Iím a 27 years old very experimented pro dominatrix from Asian origin, I receive Male & Female slaves, also couples for sessions and stages in my splendid dungeon luxuriously fitted and perfectly equipped of more than 400m2 completely dedicaced for B.D.S.M activities located at 15mn from Brussels.
Countess Juliette (Vienna, Austria)
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Mistress Mischelle (Litomysl, Czech Republic) - I really like training for a long-term, also training with 2 Mistress, Master or slavegirl. I also like Cam2Cam control and Money Slavery.
Mistress Katharina (Germany, Rheinland-pfalz - Stadt - Speyer) - Deine geilen Fantasien werde ich (Katharina, 28jahre, 171cm ,60kg, 75c, rasiert) mit dir richtig ausleben, dich Abfullen mit meinem sussen Nektar und anschliessend meine Geluste auf deinem Sklavengesicht ausleben...mein Strap-on wird dich bearbeiten...lass dich fallen (gerne auch mit 2 oder 3 Frauen) und dich Auffangen in meiner leidenschaftlichen und fantasievollen Lust der bizarren Spiele......bei mir PRIVAT und diskret zuhause. mehr uber mich auf meiner Hp www.suendika.de
Mistress Tatyana (NY/NJ/CT, USA and International) - I am a cruel and sadistic, Lifestyle & Professional Ebony Domina who can be senual with the right one. I am skilled in many different areas of BDSM and always seeking the right sub, slave, or sissy to be in my presence.
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